Serra Degli Ilici

The estate vineyards “Serra Degli Ilici” has an ultracentenarian experience in viticulture and vinification. “Nonno Michele” (our grandfather) was the first to plant these vines and handed down to us his love for the land, his rural wisdom for the growing of grapewine and told us that grapes obtain their strength from the land whereas the sun makes them mature to give body and soul to the wine. He handed down the art of wine-making. He always said that it is not important to produce just for the sake of producing, but it is essential to obtain a very good wine whose quality originates in the vine-yard. The quality consolidates through the wine-making technique, and becomes complete with the aging and bottling of the product. An old local song says that wine “nfoca o còre” (warms up the hearth), our wine is the star of our land, a fertile star, crisp and dry which delights the taste, enforces the body and frees the spirit that goes towards wide horizons.